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March 12, 2012

I love walking and cycling

I love walking and cycling

I’m on a mission to be fit enough to ride and hike for 2 weeks in France in July. It’s hard work already!

Everyday I’m trying to fit some sort of exercise in. Today I went hiking through Newport Lakes. Not quite as steep as the Pyrenees but it’s a start! It’s a lovely area. You can’t really tell you’re in the city until you look up and see the buildings above the trees. There were a few swans and ducks in the lake today. Pat and Mick set a fast pace. It’s not the first time they’ve been there, unlike me.

On other days I have been fitting in bike riding and yoga (Mon), bike riding and pilates (Tue), walking (Wed), walking or bike riding (Thu), walking or bike riding and yoga (Fri), weights and walking (Sat) and bike riding and hiking (Sun). Is that enough? I’m trying to mix it up a bit so if I can’t bike ride, I’ll walk. If I don’t get to yoga, I’ll go to pilates. Have to tackle a spin class soon but I’m a bit reluctant. I know that will be HARD! Wish me luck. About a month to riding around Beechworth and Bright. And not quite four months to the big trip in France. Can’t wait!

March 12, 2012

I love editing

Just finished editing the January and February newsletters for Merrimu Services Inc. They support people with disabilities in the west. The photos are always of happy smiling people doing fun things. It’s such a pleasure to support a service that is passionate about their people.

I’m also excited to be editing a cruelty free guide to the west for Caroline Springs Animal Welfare Network. It is amazing how many businesses in the west that come under that theme and will be good to know who to support.