While the husband’s away . . .

Peter went to Thailand yesterday for 3 weeks. Now I can get into some serious training!

Started off with a ride with Pat to Poynton’s Nursery yesterday. It’s about a 30km round trip which is about how long I’ll be on my bike for when I’m in France – 7 days straight though! Why is the wind always in your face, no matter which way you’re riding? 

Today (Easter Monday) I tried Zumba for the second time. Our substitute teacher was very unusual. His style was a bit mish-mashy. It was hard not to giggle sometimes and I wasn’t the only one. It is a very good workout though, well it will be when I can co-ordinate my arms and legs into the right moves! Peter’s friend Chris was there and another brave guy. If they can do it I can.

Yoga is a bit more gentle and I wound down with that after Zumba. The aerobics room is too cold for yoga so it takes a bit to warm up. Ruth is a good teacher.

Lunch at Crowded House in Williamstown was mushroom risotto. Don’t have to cook tonight. Just a sandwich will do. Sitting by the fire seems very enticing. The weather is wild and woolly outside. Not very pleasant. Hope you’re having fun darling!

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