Emerging Editors at the Emerging Writers’ Festival

Who said editors are dull and boring and lock themselves away to pull apart writers’ tortured words?

What a breath of fresh air this was! Editors can have a sense of humour and don’t always (well mostly) agonise over splitting infinitives and placing punctuation.

Karen Pickering did a splendid job of bringing out the dark secrets and editing wisdom of Dale Campisi, Jo Case, Penny Modra and Aden Rolfe.

Penny’s stories about  ‘Pork chop’ were hilarious. And who would have known that music writing always has references to food metaphors? And also in radio according to Aden.

Jo seemed to be the most reserved of the bunch unless she’s pushed by a recalcitrant writer.

Don’t tell Dale but most writers are crazy. Personally I think you have to be if you want to be a writer anyway. Although editors are certainly eccentric in their own endearing ways too.

All of them came to be editors in a round about way but it was obvious that they all are passionate about what they do. That’s probably half the battle in any job.

There’s hope for us after all!


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