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July 8, 2012


Charles de Gaulle Airport is massive. I thought I’d never get out of there. Found the Air France bus really easily but it cruises all the terminals before it leaves! Nearly got lost getting off the bus at Montparnasse station. Started walking the wrong – yes that’s usually what I do!

Found the hotel okay but couldn’t get into the room straight away. Freshened up a bit then went off to find Les Car Rouge (the red bus). Found a market (yes I know) on the way to Edgar Quinet station. Didn’t buy anything yet though. Caught a train to Musee d’Orsay. It used to be a train station and it’s massive. Such a beautiful building. Managed to take a photo inside even though you’re not allowed too! They are obsessed with nudes here.

Had a croque monsieur at the Cafe Campana inside the museum and soaked in the atmosphere. I even ordered everything in French (I do remember). Also had a massive chocolate eclair. It’s okay though I walked all around Paris today! After lunch I jumped on Les Cars Rouge and saw more sights of Paris – Le Tour Eiffel, Paris Opera House, Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, masses of old houses that are 6 storeys high.

Got off at Notre Dame Cathedral and it bucketed down. The queue was a mile long so I went into the Crypt of Notre Dame instead (no queue). Bit creepy. When I came out it wasn’t raining so I went into Notre Dame. The stained glass windows are magnificent, not to mention the whole building was awe-inspiring. Back on the Metro to Gare du Montparnasse and that’s it. The sun doesn’t set until 10pm here! I’m going to go to the Montparnasse Tower which has stunning views on 56th floor. Stay tuned.