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July 16, 2012

Documents found

Hi everyone

I am so sorry to worry everyone but I did find all the documents in my backpack.
In a secret pocket that I couldn’t possibly find when I was frantic last night.

More pleasant report to come on our walk tomorrow.

July 16, 2012

Disaster strikes

I spent all last night worrying about where I put my tickets for the journey after my hiking expedition. After packing my backpack for today’s hike I realised I no longer had them. Needless to say I had no sleep. Last time I remember having the folder was back in Paris when I arrived which is not good. A few phone calls and emails later and I am no further forward. It includes airline tickets, train from Lourdes to Paris, Eurostar to London, Harry Potter, Britrail pass and hotel vouchers for Paris and London.

I was sure they were in the backpack so can only assume they were stolen. Will have to get a police report and claim them on my insurance. Painful but not impossible.

Nevertheless our day in the mountains doing a circular walk from Barege to the Bastan valley, barns and meadows was spectacular. It was hard not to take a photo of everything but what do you leave out? We were back at our accommodation in time for afternoon tea after having a packed lunch on the way. To say I was a bit distracted and tired is an understatement.

Let’s hope for good news soon!