17 July 2012 Cirque de Troumouse

Drove about an hour to Cirque de Troumouse which is another origin of a glacier (like Cirque de Gavarnie). Rob showed us a plant that tasted sweet. There were lots of cows and sheep grazing. They brand them by painting a colour on them. These ones were blue!

It is not immediately noticeable but there are hundreds of tiny wildflowers dotted around the meadows and in between the rocks. Forget-me-nots like we have at home are prolific. Also a type of thistle. We had a break in a rocky crag and Rob told us about the geological origins of the area – how the rock mixes up and turns over in time. My blisters were killing me by the time we got to the statue of the Virgin Mary. She was no help!

Another break on a clifftop and we were treated to soaring griffin vultures that were floating on the currents. The pictures do not do justice as to how majestic they were.

Another trek down to the van and a short trip to a medieval church. We walked on the same path as the Knights Templar escorting the pilgrims. The church has a large painting dedicated to St Bernadette – famous for miracles in Lourdes. The quaint little stone bridge was gorgeous. A drink and an icecream in the cafe topped off the day!


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