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July 20, 2012

Walking around Ferme St Justin, Sers, Viea, Viella and Luz

Out bright and early ┬áto be greeted by mist over the mountains. It’s the first day here that hasn’t been bright sunshine! Off towards Ferme St Justin along a walking track in mist like pea soup. Took photos of plants and spiders as there was no view to speak of for a while because of the mist.

Through town of Sers and an old church (another one!) Eglise St Vincent with churchyard. Most towns have a communal washplace (laundromat!).

Viella was a pretty little place where we stopped for lunch next to a fountain with a berger (shepherd) and a dog. Love the photo with a lamp and waterfall in the background. Craig would like the cement table tennis table I found. Bit hard to put it in the luggage! Plenty of veggie gardens and chooks as well.

Found the ruins of Sainte Marie (I think), sort of a castle.

On to Luz-St Sauveur and the Templar church, Eglise de Saint Andre. The history here is doing my head in.

The Promenade Napoleon III et Eugenie (Napoleon III and Eugenie’s walk) went on forever. Apparently Napoleon built a bridge for his wife, Eugenie, from the spa in St Sauveur across the river to their home. Check the photos.

We were let loose in Luz for shopping but I was so stuffed from walking for 7 hours that I just sat at the carrousel (merry-go-round) in the main street and waited for the car to pick us up!