23 July 2012 Paris to London

Met Sally, Kevin and Rhonda at breakfast. Jo caught the Air France bus ( like I did coming to Paris) early. Said our goodbyes and I caught up on Facebook before I checked out about 10am. Bumped my way down the stairs at St Placide station (no lift) and caught the Metro train to Gare du Nord where the Eurostar leaves from. The train was not crowded so I sat down for most of the 8 stops. Gare du Nord (North Station) is a rabbit warren. Followed the Eurostar signs up about three floors to Immigration and got through customs okay. Whew! Got into the ladies before the queue built thank goodness. The trip takes about two hours but there is a one hour time difference (probably daylight saving). Got out at St Pancras and through customs again. No one looked at anything although a few passengers were pulled up. Went to Paddington station to pick up the TEP device for wifi. It’s brilliant. Just have to have it in my pocket and I can use my laptop anywhere!
Caught yet another train to High St Kensington on the Circle line. The Oyster card is easy (why doesn’t Melbourne have them?). Copthorne Tara Hotel is just behind the station which was a good pick.
Strolled over to Kensington Gardens after getting my room sorted. It is about 27 degrees here! Warmer than France. Read the London Evening Standard which is free. Tons about Wiggins and the Tour de France in it. I was there!
Over at the Orangerie I spotted a couple of squirrels playing until a dog barked at them. They are so cute! The palace has a commemorative structure for the Queen’s 60th jubilee. I bought a mouse for my laptop at Currys PC World. Some things are difficult to do without it.
Had dinner at Simply Authentic Food which is organic and wholemeal. Also bought lunch for my outing to Harry Potter tomorrow.
On the way back to the hotel a policeman on a motorbike held up traffic for someone important to get through to Kensington Palace. Wonder who it was. Have a few participants in the Olympics staying at my hotel too.


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