25 July 2012 London to Aspley Guise

Chatted with Sue and Shaun this morning. My Tep device is not working so I logged into the hotel wifi.
Caught the District line (Circle not running!) to Euston then the Midland train to Bletchley using my British rail pass for the first time. Everyone I showed it to seemed very impressed! Changed at Bletchley for Aspley Guise where my Mum’s cousin, Clara Andrews lives.
I did let her know that I was coming but she was getting ready to go out. The council bus was coming to pick her up to go shopping! No problem, I hitched a ride with her and went to Tesco’s in Milton Keynes. The supermarket is massive and sells everything! It is 2 storeys high. We wandered around crossing things off her list. She knows everyone there as she’s been going ever since it opened. I took credit for the weather being really warm. Said I’d brought it from Australia. She seemed to show me off a bit and everyone was very friendly.
We bought a sandwich for lunch and had it when Mark dropped us off (he really is a very caring man) back at her place. She made a cup of tea for us and I pumped her for information on the family tree. Her memory is not all that good but I did discover a few good bits. She went through some photos and kept asking me if I knew people. Most of them were from Mum and were pictures of my family in Australia!
Back on the train to London after a lovely day with a very sweet lady.


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