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July 30, 2012

27 July 2012 Gloucester to Newcastle

Slept well. No need to get upinthe middle of the night! I was really tired! Had breakfast alone with Eric and Mary still in bed.

They took me to Cheltenham Spa station for the train to Newcastle (no changing). Found a spot on the train in a quiet zone carriage. Only shared my seat for a short while. Tried to get the laptop to work but no luck. Called but had to leave a message.

David Southgate picked me up in his car with Rita and Tom. So glad to see them! Went to their place and had a cup of tea (of course!). Tom went to the doctor and it seems he has had a small stroke. He felt unwell, dizzy and his face was numb! Seems to have recovered okay though. Will have tests when he gets an appointment.

Rita took me to see Lindsay and Adam’s flat. They’ve done it up nicely. Not far from Rita and Tom’s place.

Out for dinner to the Hungry Horse with Rita and Tom. It was fairly crowded. Came back to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games but I was too tired and went to bed.

July 30, 2012

26 July 2012 London to Gloucester

Caught a Circle line train at High St Kensington to Paddington after having breakfast at the Muffin Shop instead of the hotel. At Paddington I caught a Great Western Cheltenham Spa line train to Gloucester. Trains have video screens but you need your own earphones. There’s also a socket for charging electrical appliances.

Mary and Eric Southgate picked me up at the station. Thank goodness as I didn’t know how to get to Churchdown! We talked for a while then Eric took me to St Bartholomew’s Church, built in about 600AD. He used to play around there when he was young. He also pointed out a pub that my Dad used to frequent. They cooked me dinner and some of their familycame around to see me. Stephen, partner Bec and her daughter Olivia; Trevor by himself; Avril who’s pregnant; Sheena, Leo and Louisa. David was the only one who couldn’t come.