2 Aug 2012 St Mary’s Island, Whitley Bay

Tom went off to doctor’s appointments again and Rita and I hopped on a bus to Silverlink, Wallsend. A few spots of rain this morning but the rest of the day was fine and mostly sunny. Found a shop that might have what Mick is wanting badly! On another couple of buses to Whitley Bay which is a seaside resort. Walked to St Mary’s Island (it is usually surrounded with water) over a causeway to St Mary’s lighthouse. Walked up 137 steps to the top and gained a sticker and certificate to prove we did. Don’t think I want to be a lighthouse keeper! Plenty of families out in the sun with nets for the summer holidays crawling over the rocks finding crabs.
Onto another bus into the town for lunch at Costas. They serve a lovely chicken salad sandwich, scones, jam and cream and a bucket of coffee.
Onto yet another bus and back to Wallsend to have a look at another spot where Hadrian’s Wall is. Obviously the Walls’ End! Not much to look at and there is another fort (Segendunum) but only the foundations left but I’ve done it now.
A nap on the bus on the way home and my last full day of holidays here is nearly over.


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