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August 4, 2012

3 Aug 2012 Newcastle to Heathrow

I packed up a week’s worth of memories from Tom and Rita’s place this morning. Last night I gave them the patchwork quilt wall hanging I made from mum’s scrap fabrics. They were really pleased. Lindsay and Adam came round to say goodbye too. Rita took the quilt to show David and Joyce when we went to say goodbye. Laura (their granddaughter) and her boyfriend were there as well. David and Joyce have the same kind of house as Rita and Tom but it has been renovated and extended. 
On to Newcastle station. time for a quick coffee before the train came at 10.58am. It was really hard to say goodbye. Tom and Rita have been wonderful. Tom even packed me a lunch to have on the train.
I found a seat with a table for a change. The train was fairly full. All going to London for the Olympics I suppose. Finished my book. Only took 3 hours to get to London Kings Cross. Caught the underground to Paddington then the Heathrow Express to Terminal 1 & 3. A free bus took me to my hotel just outside the airport (Holiday Inn Ariel).
Once I got settled I went back to Heathrow Airport to check out where I have to be tomorrow! It’s a massive place. Returned my wifi device to the Excessive Baggage Co. Will be requesting a refund on the days it didn’t work!
Caught another bus back to the hotel and had dinner there. There were 4 other single people having dinner as well. Looked really odd!
Chill out now until tomorrow.