In Ballarat for Labor Day Weekend

Travelled to Ballarat on Friday night after work. Checked in to the Quality In The Menzies and got an upgrade! It’s on the east side of the main shopping centre not far from everything. Had dinner at the Hogs Breath Cafe around the corner. Not a bad nachos. Peter had tacos and a chicken caesar salad.

Next morning in sleepy Ballarat there was hardly anyone around when we had breakfast at Bibo’s Cafe in Sturt St. It is a retro-fitted place a with great muesli/fruit/yoghurt combination and poached eggs with bacon and beans. The fruit included pear, banana and strawberries. No melons! Delicious! 

On to the Ballarat Begonia Festival around Lake Wendouree. A dose of the Australian Beach Boys got us bopping along. Peter listened to a talk on gardening while I wandered around. Jumped on a free tram ride to the POW gardens at the far end. Peter joined me on the tram ride to the other end to the garden gates. A little kid was heard to ask, ‘shouldn’t the doors be closed?’ Ah, those were the days. There are no doors!

Peter dropped me at the edge of the shopping centre so I could browse my way back to the motel. The very shop I was after was closed! Rings on her Fingers is only open until 2pm and I got there at 3pm. Ahhh! Have a guess what kind of shop it was. Nothing much else open. I think everyone was having a siesta as it’s about 30 degrees C here. Unheard of in Ballarat! Now, where to go for dinner?

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