130410 The rockstar freelance lifestyle workshop and more

Strolled to Rosie O’Grady’s which is just around the corner from Fremantle B&B this morning for a workshop entitled ‘The Rockstar Freelance Lifestyle’. First half was done by a panel of Marisa Wikramanayake, Sarah JH Fletcher and Abigail Nathan (Bothersome Words). It was very useful information on how to get started or continue in the very glamorous lifestyle of a freelance editor. Well, it’s possible!

Second half was the nitty gritty financial side of the freelance lifestyle. Panel was Patrick Horneman, Karen Strain (Media Super) and Dinesh Aggarwal (Noble & Assoc). To put it all in a nutshell the message was cover all your bases! Prepare for disaster. As history proves, crashes are regular so expect them.

The social side of the evening started with drinks at Moore & Moore Cafe which is also a gallery. The exhibition on display was called ‘Animal’ and had odd shots of naked humans, mostly female, some in cages and others in trees! Not my cup of tea. There was also a performance by Bernard Carney singing the conference theme song and a belly dancing performance by a mother and daughter duo.

On to dinner at Kasa Blanca which is Mediterranean/Morrocan cuisine. Our table ordered a range of dishes to share including a tagine, salads and tapas. Worked out to only about $15 per head plus drinks. Very reasonable. Probably because we filled up on nibblies at the previous venue.

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