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April 13, 2013

130412 Day 3 IPEd Conference

Last day of the conference so I crammed as much as I could in. An 8.30am start was a bit early for me (and a few others judging by the empty chairs) but I was there to listen to the IPEd Council on which way forward they want to go. Some very strong views and a lot of work to do.

Dr Agata Mrva-Montoya spoke on ‘Editing skills in the era of digital [r]evolution’ making some clear points on what has to be done before everyone is on the same page.

I skipped a talk and went to the Fremantle Market before lunch. It was drizzling slightly but not cold outside. Took me about an hour to get right round and I found my lovely husband a birthday present there.

Ducked back in time for lunch which was a hot and cold buffet with sweets and tea or coffee and soft drinks.

After lunch the IPEd Accreditatiion Board put forward their arguments for changes to the exam process. A lot of talking and not much else. Some people were not amused.

‘Creating a magazine’ with Cathy Perkins from the State Library of NSW was more up my alley. She seemed very positive on the state of magazines staying in print for a good while longer than books. ‘SL’ has won a few awards and she is obviously very proud of that.

Tracy Harwood from the Canberra Society of Editors spoke on the next conference in Canberra in May 2015. I had dinner with her, Satima, Michelle, Mary Jo and her daughter, Charlotte, Marisa and two others tonight at Benny’s Restaurant. Mary Jo, Tracy and two others from the conference are staying at Fremantle B&B with me!

Last session was a hypothetical with a panel including Nury Vittachi who is very funny. It was taken off the show from TV and worked quite well.

That’s all from the conference. Tomorrow I’m off to Rottnest Island.