Colonoscopy is still a dirty word!

I managed to sip the foul liquid all down. Wasn’t too bad in a weak sport drink/lemon cordial kind of way. That was the easy part. Spent the next couple of hours trying get my mind off what was coming by making a necklace. So far, so good.

Uh oh, here it comes. By 5.30pm the nasty elixir was doing its job. On to the big guns. One whole litre of disgusting liquid to consume. I really hope this test reveals some answers for my problem! It would be terrible to go through it for no result.

It’s now 7pm and I have been sipping for a whole hour. Don’t even think I’m through half of it. Sucking on barley sugar helps  – a bit but not much. And there’s another dose before bedtime at 9pm! Hope I can actually get some sleep tonight.

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