Colonoscopy – take 3

By 7.30pm I was ready to pack it all in. This process sucks something shocking. If I wanted to get diarrhoea I would have eaten something dodgy. At least I would have eaten something that I wanted to! Not eating and having diarrhoea is just not fair. I see (read: feel) what they mean about a sore backside now. Not much chance to do anything but drink and run. A good night’s sleep is seriously not looking great at the moment. It’s nearly 8pm and I am still not finished that litre of foul liquid. Not a lot of time to drink when you’re running for the toilet.

In a bit of a lull at the moment. Still pouring down the evil liquid. Not finished yet and it’s nearly 8.30pm. Another dose due at 9pm. Will really be glad when this is over. There must be a better way!

So much for the lull! It sneaks up on you. No squeezing bum cheeks together any more, just doesn’t work. I also have a headache which is not helping my frame of mind. I’ve already paid out on my husband for joking about it. My sense of humour today is zilch. Even Ben, my cat, has got the flick. Usually he can soothe my nerves but not today.

Well it’s 9pm and I have a small glass to go. Then another 250ml of the other foul liquid and then I’m done. Hopefully things settle down and I don’t have to get up during the night.

Just gone 10pm and I’ve finished guzzling the foul liquid – finally. Things seem to have quietened down a bit – for which I’m very grateful. Let’s hope the actual colonoscopy does its job and finds out what’s wrong with me. We shall see . . .

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