Wednesday 19 June 2013 At sea

Up with Peter at 7am (he told me it was 8am!) and off for breakfast. Met up with Tim, Sharon and Pat. She’s feeling better.

While I waited for yoga to start I tried out the machines in the gym. I was the only person in the yoga class! Managed better this time.

Went to a beading class with Pat. Not very exciting. Made a snake keyring. Bit basic.

Left to put our entry into the portrait raffle. Didn’t win though. Back to the cabin to meet up with Peter. Lunch at Plantation Restaurant.

Went to the digital photo seminar at 1pm with Peter, Pat and Bob. There was some useful tips. 

The cha cha classes were full and you needed a partner so I went to line dancing later at 4pm. It was a lot of fun. 

Me, Peter, Mick, Pat, Sharon, Tim and Bob had dinner at Plantation Restaurant (buffet). Sue is in a huff with Bob. Watched an aerial acrobat display tonight. Similar to other acts I’ve seen but they were good.

Tomorrow we get off the ship for the first time in Noumea.


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