21 June 2013 Lifou

Pat and I got the tender boat for the Pacific Jewel to Lifou Island. Into a van and around the island for a forest walk and look at a grotto.
The natives greeted us with a song and dance. The guide explained about the healing properties of some of the plants and trees in the forest. There are two kinds of birds nest erns – poisonous and non-poisonous – pointy leaves are okay! Went into a cave to see stalagmites and stalactites. Then heard how to catch a coconut crab. They are blue and massive and can break a coconut shell.
Dinner at 6pm then off to the Pirate Show which was excellent and very funny. Then off to Pirate Trivia with a photo opportunity for pirate dress-ups on the way! Perfect match was a scream with two lots of contestants. The young guy got the older lady! Off to bed.

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