24 June 2013 Champagne Bay

Peter got up about 7.45am. We had breakfast together. I downloaded my photos from yesterday and wrote up notes having in the cafe. We all met at 10am on deck to go to Champagne Bay. There was a low tide so not a full tender could get in. It was a two hour wait until we finally boarded at 12 noon. Pat and I killed time walking up and round the deck and stairs. It was worth the wait though. Champagne Bay has white sand and plenty of snorkelling, not that I did any. An islander took Mick, Pat and me (Peter didn’t go) on a tour of a bue lagoon where we had a swim and to the top of the island for the view. He was playing religious music in the van which was very loud and annoying.
Had a dip in the bay just to try it out then cruised the markets again on the way back to the tender. Bought a shell bracelet and 3 wise monkeys for Shaun. Straight into lunch when we got back about 3pm. Tonight we go to Waterfront Restaurant for dinner.
Had a shower then went on deck to read a while until the island party started. Learnt several ways to tie a sarong! Quickly changed and out to the Waterfront Restaurant. Three-course a la carte menu is a lot better than the Coles cafeteria style of Plantation Restaurant. Finished just in time to see the Las Vegas Marionnettes show in the Marquee. It was okay. Not really for me. Pat and I had our portraits done island-style tonight. We think one of the photographers thought I was Pat’s daughter! Walked around a bit and watched the island party on Deck 12. Pat went to bed and I stayed on to dance the night away (a little anyway). Hopefully I got onto the DVD.


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