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June 27, 2013

27 June 2013 At sea

Breakfast at 8am with Peter,Pat and Mick then off to yoga with Zoran at 9am. There was one other lady in the class this time. The AquaSpa had a showcase on with small tastes of massage, eye collagen treatments, teeth whitening (?!), face treatments. I booked a massage and facial for tomorrow.

Everyone took part in trivia at 11am. We divided into two teams: Sue, Bob, Steve, Linda and Tim, and me, Peter, Mick, Pat and Sharon in the other. We’re a very competitive lot! Our team got 14/20. The others got 12/20. Winner got 19/20!

Off to the ice-carving on deck. In about 20 minutes Reggie carved a horse’s head.

At 1pm Pat and I did t-shirt painting in The Attic. Didn’t finish so we’ll have to go back tomorrow. Hope we can make it.

At 3pm there are Wii games on deck. Having my makeup done for the cocktail night on tonight. Dressing up to have dinner at Luke Mangan’s Salt Restaurant again. Then all meeting to have our group portrait done at 8.30pm. Feature show is: Do you wanna dance at 9.30pm. Whew I feel tired already! Let’s hope I fit it all in.

June 27, 2013

26 June 2013 At sea

Had breakfast with Pat and Mick then go find Peter who is sitting with Sharon and Tim. Had a look at the bargain sales then sat in on the ‘Flatten your stomach’ talk. Talked about detoxing your body and the lymphatic system but really wanted you to spend money! Had a massage at 11am which was wonderful. Felt really awful from doing too much yesterday and it helped. Peter was waiting for his massage with the same therapist. I went to read my book to wait and have lunch with him. He has soup, hot main course and dessert. I have a roll and a small cake.
Come to the cafe to update my diary and get on the internet.
Watched the fruit carving which was amazing. Had dinner at the Waterfront. Felix the waiter is very funny. Went to watch karaoke. Steve was first up and was really good. The other contestants were pretty good too. Steve and Sue did a duo! Didn’t know she could sing! Off to bed after that.