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June 29, 2013

29 June 2013 – In Sydney

Said our goodbyes on Deck 12. Tim and Sharon staying in Sydney for Tim’s birhday. Linda and Steve getting plane about 2pm. Put our bags in at Virgin early. Sue, Bob, Mick, Pat, Peter and I went on a tour around Sydney to kill a bit of time. It was too wet to get out of the bus much except at Bondi Beach. Took a taxi from the airport into Sydney to look around a bit more. Had coffee at Metro Hotel then Peter had a massage and I went on the monorail. On the plane to Melbourne now.

June 29, 2013

Fri 28 June – At sea

Breakfast at 8am, yoga at 9am – only one in class. Good low workout. Rough seas. Check out latest photos. Get charger to work at photo shop. Went to have a massage then facial. Both really good. Have lunch then back to room. Peter is sleeping and come out to lunch with him. Go and pick last of formal portraits and then spend the afternoon packing. Get a present for Tim then out for last dinner at Waterfront restaurant. Celebrate Tim and Sue’s birthdays. Waiters Felix and Linton join in. They provide a scrumptious birthday cheesecake. Quickly off to Starry Night performance with all entertainers. Not bad. Bags out to be picked up. Our last night. Very sad. We’ve had a wonderful time.