30 December 2013 Queenscliff to Portarlington

Breakfast at ?? They don’t have muesli so I had fruit toast. I left about 10am to go to Portarlington. Part of the way on the rail trail then Queenscliff-Portarlington Rd past Swan Bay where we had a caravan (sigh . . . ). It is a long way to the turn-off to St Leonards then a lot longer to get to St Leonards! It was a beautiful day and I rode the rest of the way along the Esplanade, past Indented Heads and into Portarlington. The water was sparkling, the sun was shining – just a perfect day for a ride. Had lunch in the main street then found where Cynthia and Robert live not far away. Cynthia and the kids were home so I popped in to say hi. Worked out that Robert’s kids are grand nephews and grand nieces to Peter and I. Had to leave by 2pm to get back for my 4pm massage appointment. That was great incentive to keep going and I really needed it by the time I got back! Went all the way along the foreshore back through St Leonards. There’s caravan parks most of the way now. By the time I got off Bluff Rd I was wishing I’d never started this venture! But I kept going and made it back in time for the massage by the skin of my teeth. It was really good and certainly well deserved! Now where to go to dinner?


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