Last Saturday (22 Feb) I had a tickle in my throat. Also had a headache but not too bad. It will go away, won’t it?

Well no it won’t! I am so sick of being sick. If I do any more than try to get to the toilet I cough my guts up. Slowly, from last Saturday the cough has got worse. So bad that for a while I couldn’t lie flat and sleep. It had to be sitting up, which is not very restful.

By Tuesday I had gone to see a doctor. Well, she scared the pants off me by saying it could be whooping cough! That meant I could be contagious and was in quarantine. No work for the rest of the week. No word until yesterday (28 Feb) about whether I really had whooping cough or not. I don’t. But that’s neither here nor there. I am still coughing my guts up. At least I’m not infecting anyone else now after the massive doses of antibiotics I had to swallow.

To make matters worse I think the infection has gone to my chest. I’m now wheezing and that’s not good for someone who gets asthma. Do I go back to the doctor on Monday? Or slog it out at work? I should be looking forward to a long Labour day weekend away. Friday off, three days in Olinda in the Dandenong Ranges. Haven’t been there for a long time.

Stay tuned on the outcome.


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