8 March 2014 Olinda to Mt Dandenong to Wantirna

After a relaxing start to the day we go up Mt Dandenong to the Sky High Restaurant for breakfast. Great views and the weather is looking good. Unfortunately the breakfast leaves a bit to be desired. Not many in for the meal but we wait for ages just to get drinks. Peter’s big breakfast is under his usual high standard. I get a bowl of crunchy granola that’s enough for 3 people with yoghurt that’s not even cold. The small jug of milk I ordered was not enough to wet the mountain of grain that’s presented. Oh well, we won’t go there for dinner on Sunday night as planned. 

Off to a gem show in Wantirna. Saw it advertised in the local paper. It was too good an opportunity to miss. We weren’t disappointed. It was well patronised and very similar to bead shows I’ve been to. Most of the stalls had raw gemstones in a spectacular range of sizes and colours. There were some bead stalls but I didn’t see anything I really wanted to buy. Peter had a mild interest in it as he used to tumble gems when he was younger. 

Sassafras was too busy to stop and look around in so we kept going and had a late lunch in Olinda. Then back to Balangara for a rest!

Tonight we are off to the Cuckoo Restaurant for dinner.

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