9 March 2014 Olinda

Had breakfast in today with the provisions left by Frank and Sue. Fresh bread, jam, cereals, juice, tea or coffee. Eased our way into Sunday and off to the National Rhododendron Garden for a look. No rhodos out yet but there’s certainly a lot of them. Did the round-trip 3km walk with a few stops at handy seats on the way. It was very quiet with not many other people wandering around. Great views and an enormous variety of trees and plants. Even a row of cherry trees. Not sure how they made it in. Will need to go back in spring. It will be spectacular then.

Peter stayed at Balangara for a rest while I walked into Olinda for another look. Not sure what’s going on with the service in cafes here but I waited about 3/4 hour for a vege wrap at Olinda Cafe. When it didn’t come I complained and the staff said it was missed! They did it straight away then and refunded my money. The service around here is ridiculous. Looked around the shops but most things are too expensive to catch my eye for buying. I keep thinking I could probably make things better!

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