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June 10, 2014

6-9 June Melbourne to Echuca

6 June 2014

Had the day off and hoped for a sleep-in but Peter woke me early with the news that’s he’d just lost his job. Not totally unexpected but it was a bit sooner than we thought.
Got up and did a bit of spring cleaning. Purged some unwanted books and a couple of garbage bags of Peter’s clothes that he couldn’t fit in the wardrobe. Drove to the Willi Hospital op shop then back home to leave the car for Peter. He was in the city having a debrief with some friends. Walked back down to Williamstown to have my nails done at Allure. The girls in there are funny.
Finished in time to go to Provisions for lunch with Peter. Lots of people were calling him to see if the news was true. It’s amazing he still had his work phone to use.
Back home to do some washing and wait until Pat was ready to leave for Echuca. We left by 4.30pm which was not early enough to beat the long weekend rush. It took us a while to get out of the city.
We stopped at Heathcote for dinner at an obscure hotel. The meals were okay though.
On to Echuca and Gumtree cottage in North St. It was dark by the time we got here and difficult to see anything. I found the key safe okay but couldn’t see the numbers! Peter drove the car closer with the headlights on.
It is a lovely 3 bedroom house with a view to parkland out the back although we couldn’t see it until the morning. Couldn’t work out the heater so we just went to bed early. Peter watched TV for a while first.
7 June 2014
We drove in to Echuca for breakfast. The Old Port Cafe was a bad choice. Lukewarm coffee and not very nice meals. Last time we’ll listen to Tim’s recommendation. Peter sat and read the paper while Pat and I went for a walk into Moama. Pat wanted to find a patchwork shop but it ended up being a private house so we walked back into Moama and had a coffee.
On the way back Peter called and we agreed to meet him at the Emmy Lou Paddlesteamer for lunch at 1pm. He had been to see Tim and Sharon and checked out where to have a massage.
Peter saw a train driver while waiting to get on the Emmy Lou. Filled him in on developments at Metro. We had lunch while gliding along the Murray River watching the bird life and the gum trees slide by. It was a bit expensive at $32 each for the ride and another $28 for lunch – each!
Pat and I walked back through Echuca to find a supermarket for dinner supplies. We also found another patchwork shop that was closed! Got back to the house before Peter. We got in the back door that was left unlocked! Peter had the key.
Lazed in front of the TV and read, check up on Facebook, had rolls for dinner. Managed to get the heater to work.
8 June 2014
Pat and I walked to Wistaria Cafe for breakfast. Peter met us there and Sharon and Tim and the twins, Corey and Maitland, came too. They were playing in a band at the steam rally at 11am. We all decided to go and see them and look around the steam rally at Rotary Park. It was really crowded with lots of cars and people everywhere. It was another beautiful day but cold. There were market stalls, steam rollers, cars, engines. Peter found a couple of people he knew from previous jobs. There was also wood chopping, WW1 display, vintage cars, craft stalls, horse-drawn ploughs, pipe band, brass band and heaps more. It was their 51st year.
Back to Gumtree cottage for lunch and a rest before I went to visit Michelle Moon. Peter said he didn’t feel well and Pat went for a walk so I went by myself. She lives in a mansion across the road from Rich River Golf Club. Her house is massive – at least 4 bedrooms and maybe 3 living spaces. It is lovely but looks like a lot of work.
Back to the cottage then out for dinner at Moama Sports Club with Tim, Sharon, Corey, Maitland, Peter and Pat. No vegetarian options on Sunday! Pat was not amused. It was roast night so Pat just had the vegetables. Pat and I talked to Sharon. Peter talked to Tim and the twins. He seemed to have a great time. Much more relaxed than he has been in a long time. Two and a half hours later we were back at the cottage for our last night.
9 June 2014
Walked into Echuca for breakfast at the Black Pudding Cafe. My muesli with berries and yogurt was yummy. We walked around the shops a bit. Peter was on the phone most of the time. Pat and I walked back to the cottage via a couple of patchwork shops that were still closed. Packed up by 12 noon and left. Stopped at Gaffneys Bakery in Heathcote for lunch. Looked at a craft shop and bought some gingham fabric. Home by 3pm.