22-23 Sep 2014 Gatwick to Venice

22 Sep 2014
Perry cooked a beef pie filling and Lin made the pie for dinner tonight. They are both good cooks. Clotted cream with dessert!

23 Sep 2014
Perry and Lin drove us to Gatwick airport at 6.30pm this morning! Not my idea of fun. They were wonderful hosts. Very attentive but not intrusive.

Gatwick is a big airport where we waited around some more. Traffic in the morning is horrendous so we were there way too early. Had breakfast in the Rouge Cafe and killed a bit of time.

The flight only took 1 1/2 hours but we were half an hour late arriving around 1pm Venice time – just in time to check into the cruise. Unfortunately there were 7 calls before us at number 21!

It is a BIIIIG ship! More confusing than the Pacific Jewel we were on before. We are on Deck 11 and there are 17 decks. We had a look around and were particularly interested in facials and massages. Booked a facial for me and a man treatment for Peter for tomorrow after being out all day.

Got back to the cabin to find our bags there. Peter was peed off because the handle had been pulled off his. He was even more peed off when the TV wouldn’t work but that was sorted out.

I left him to it and went to put some raffle tickets into a draw in the fitness room. It’s really just a lot of hype to get people excited, I know. The raffle was vouchers for the Lotus spa where we’d booked already. Didn’t win any of them but I was called out for another competition with another guy. How good are we at doing push-ups for a bootcamp voucher?! I did about 20. Not sure what the other guy did but the audience clapped us both equally so we both got vouchers for 2 bootcamps on the ‘at sea’ days worth $75! How good was that?

Chased up Peter to let him know but couldn’t find him. We eventually had dinner at the Horizon Bistro (pig trough) then off to bed. Up early tomorrow for our first excursion. Doesn’t feel like the ship is moving!


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