24 Sep 2014 San Marino and Ravenna

24 Sep 2014
Up early to take a tour of Ravenna and San Marino a bit down the road from Venice. Waiting around for everyone to arrive is painful but necessary. There were about 16 busloads out and about today! We were number 10.

San Marino is a walled city with winding streets and steep steps around the slopes of Mt Titano. It is the oldest surviving sovereign state and republic in the world. The tour ended at La Rocca o Guaita (1st Tower) and we had lunch in the Nido del Falco Restaurant at the top overlooking the countryside. Tagliatelle for Peter and ravioli for me. We shared Grandma’s custard cake.

After lunch we cruised the many tiny shops on the way down. We came across the ‘Torture Instruments Museum’ and thought, ‘Why not?’ Bad mistake. We were out again in 5 minutes. It was similar to a wax museum but not good. Oh well. The leather handbags and shoe shops featured heavily. I was very tempted!

Back in the bus and off to Ravenna. The main attractions are the Basilica di San Vitale and the Tomb of Galla Placidia. Mosaics feature heavily in both buildings. Tiny pieces that date from the first century; some are in original condition. Hard to believe!

Back on board and we are looking forward to both having facials (special from the first day). Will probably fall asleep because of our early morning start!

My facial was good and I got sucked into buying cleanser and scrub. It is much cheaper to buy it here but is not available in Australia. Dinner at the Horizon again and off to see the Princess Live show. Peter’s gone off to the casino and I’m settling in for the night.


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