29 Sep 2014 Mykonos

Took a tender to the small island of Mykonos with a million other passengers. Our tour guide showed us around the island by bus. He pointed out buildings that housed pigeons (for eating), some now derelict; the traditional white houses with rounded corners; chapels with red roofs that house the family ancestors (each family has their own); dry stone walls that are all over the island, which is very rocky and made of granite. I also noticed a lot of prickly pear and not much else growing except for some eucalyptus trees outside hospitals and monasteries for medicinal purposes.

We stopped for coffee at Taverna Thalassa and a toilet break (15 minutes wait in a half hour stop!). It had a lovely view over the water and free wifi. Next stop was the lovely Panagia Tourliani Monastery originally built in 1542. Preservation was sponsored and it still houses a very old icon, which has been covered in silver to preserve it. We also stopped at Kalafatis Beach, which has some preserved windmills. They no longer work and most are private homes now. Our guide, Constantine, walks us through the maze of shops and cafes to Little Venice where we have lunch then wander our way back to the ship along the foreshore.


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