7 Oct 2014 Barcelona by bus 2

Had breakfast at the A La Turkic cafe out the front of the hotel. Omelette with bacon, onion, cheese, tomato, toast and coffee for 8 euros was a bargain compared with the hotel at 15 euros. We book a tour to Montserrat on Thursday through the hotel. No rest for the wicked!

Onto the red bus for Mont Juic (Mount Jew) for a walk around. Off at the cable car for a ride to overlook the coast side (Telefericos de Barcelona) of the mountain. Not very exciting but the views are okay even though it’s a bit smoggy. Next we try the cable car to the fort (Teleferic de Montjuic). Cable car ride is good but the fort is a bit bland. Again the smog spoils the views. I take a look up top while Peter cruises the shops downstairs. In both cable cars you need to stand up so it is tiring. We have a rest then Peter gets the bus back to the hotel and I continue walking on the mountain. First stop is the Olympic stadium from 1992, the sport museum dedicated to Juan Samaranch then on to the Catalunya National Museum. On the bus again and off at Poble Espanyol which was the Olympic village in 1992 made from all the different areas of Spain. It was supposed to be pulled down but the people wanted it preserved and now it is an artisan village with lots of cafes and restaurants. There is nice jewellery, ornaments, leather goods but they are generally expensive. One stop for an ice-cream in a cafe then I catch the bus back to Pl Catalunya and walk back to the hotel.

Peter is sitting outside in a cafe having an enormous beer so I join him for a mojito. We sit for a while and eventually have dinner at a restaurant a little further along. Some Catalonian ‘bruschetta’ that the waiter instructs us how to put it together. Then an enormous plate of seafood paella to share. The table next to us is very friendly from Denmark, Also very drunk! The waiter gives us some champagne to share and we have a toast.


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