9 Oct 2014 Montserrat

Check out of the hotel and leave our luggage to be off on another bus ride to Montserrat (serrated mountain) this morning. Breakfast at Balmes 12 cafe across from Julias where the bus will come. Catalan ham and cheese toast with coffee and orange juice for me, potato omelette for Peter.

We drive about half an hour 800m up Montserrat to the Benedictine monastery which has about 70 monks in their 60s and older still living there. Not much incentive to be a monk any more!

We look around a bit then I walk to the Cami de Sant Miquel (a cross on the far side of the mountain), back into the basilica (with 100s of others) to catch a glimpse of the black Mary (a statue of Mary and Jesus which was white but turned black with candle smoke). Take a slow walk back to the bus and stop for cheese and honey at the market on the way. Lunch at the cafeteria then back on the bus back to Barcelona to get our bags and race to the airport for our flight to Newcastle. Waiting for flight now.

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