10 Oct Jesmond

Had a bad night last night coughing a lot. Didn’t get much sleep. Had breakfast in the hotel then went to the Newcastle General Hospital walk-in centre (clinic) to see if I have an infection or my asthma is playing up. We get a taxi there. No one there before me and I fill out some forms, have some tests, answer questions. I have a hacking cough but no infection and my oxygen levels are okay. It’s not the asthma. Must have picked up a viral cough. Not much to be done but at least I know now.

We walk into Newcastle and have coffee in Starbucks to use the free wifi to let Lindsay know. She picks us up with her baby, Lexie, and Amanda and we go to see Tom. He seems okay but very upset about Rita. They are beside themselves with worry about what to do. Lexie is very cute but suffering from a cold and a bit snuffly. We catch up for a while then Tom, Lindsay and Amanda go and see Rita and we catch a train back to the hotel. On the way we have a late lunch at Arlo Cafe, which is not far from West Jesmond station – our stop near the hotel.

After a rest I’m ready for dinner. After checking out the bar next to the hotel (it was too crowded) we went to Pizza Express across the road. Nice salmon salad for me, pepperoni pizza for Peter. This place is jumping. There are rows of bars and restaurants and lots of shops we will need to check out tomorrow.

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