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October 14, 2014

13 Oct 2014 Newcastle to Gloucester

Up for breakfast for the last time at the hotel. Then off to the dry cleaner to check if we can pick up our laundry early. Success! It is ready so we throw it in the bags and catch a taxi to Newcastle station for the train to Gloucester. The train is packed but we luckily booked seats. Not much room for the suitcases though. I doze a bit and read a bit. The train is late and we think we’ll miss our connection at Birmingham. Luckily it waited so all was not lost. Eric and Mary picked us up in pelting rain. First time we’ve seen rain for 3 weeks!

Time for a cup of tea and a chat at their house in Churchdown. Their son Trevor came to say hello with his two girls straight from school. Later, during dinner, David comes to say hello. Eric cooked gammon steak with home-grown beans, mushrooms, tomato, potato for dinner. I spent a couple of hours trying to set up Eric’s laptop with Google Chrome. It is the most frustrating piece of rubbish I’ve ever tried to work out! Eric is not very good at remembering passwords either.