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October 18, 2014

18 Oct 2014 KL to Melbourne

Well this is my last post. After sleeping in and missing breakfast we went for a walk to find something in the street near the hotel. Found a shopping centre that had at least 5 floors and lots of corridors. Of course the food was on the 3rd floor! I would easily have got lost in there! Managed to get a roll, then we saw a fashion show. Very glittery muslim headgear.

Peter went for a walk and I went back to the pool to read and relax. It’s bucketing rain outside now. Just waiting for our transfer to the airport at 4pm. Flight is not until about midnight! Definitely sick of travelling. See you soon Melbourne!

October 18, 2014

16-17 October 2014 Heathrow to KL

Check out of Ibis Heathrow and run the gauntlet of buses again to get to Terminal 4. There has to be an easier way!

Checked our bags in and go get some breakfast at Dining Street Restaurant in Heathrow. Porridge and toast and coffee with a real spoon again!

The flight is 12-hours long and we are wrecked at the end of it. Got to the Parkroyal Hotel and crashed for a few hours. Peter went off for a walk and found somewhere to have a massage. Then I get up and go to the pool while Peter crashes for a while. I am still sleep deprived and leave the hotel room without my room card and don’t remember the room number! Reception kindly gives me another card to get into the room where Peter is still snoring his head off. Back to the pool with a book and another swim.

We have dinner at the hotel buffet. Discount for being a hotel guest and 50% off for being over 55! Not that I want to admit it. Time for a walk outside and the place is jumping. It is so like Thailand it’s not funny. Stalls on the street, people trying to get you to eat. We both have foot massages then stop at the Whisky Bar for a drink. Not really my cup of tea. Back to the hotel. Hopefully we can sleep tonight!