6-7 March 2015 Melbourne to Mornington

Caught a train at Flinders St station with Pat to Frankston after work on Friday. That was an experience! Didn’t expect to stand up all the way although a kind (young) gent offered us his seat. The couple behind us were swigging a longneck. Perhaps having dinner in Frankston was not such a good idea!

The driver of the 581 bus from Frankston to Mornington was very helpful. We could have waited for another half an hour for my planned 585 bus to come. He let us know when to get off at Tanti Ave and helped us get our suitcases down. Don’t think that would happen in Melbourne.

A short walk up Tanti Ave to Beatty Pde and our home for the weekend – a 2 bedroom apartment called ‘Secret Gem’. After struggling with the front door locks and a quick look round we ventured out to find some dinner. Slim pickings until we came to Taco Bill’s in Main St. After nachos for me and fajitas for Pat we walked back to Secret Gem for a well-earned sleep.

The bed was very comfy and I was very reluctant to get up but Pat had a scrapbooking class at 10.30am and we needed some breakfast. Back down to Main St to see what was on offer. Stopped at ‘the boyz 4 breakie’ across from the foreshore. I had muesli, fruit and yoghurt (what’s new?) and Pat had poached eggs. After filling up we had time for a walk along the foreshore, past Mornington Park down to the pier at Schnapper Point and along the beach to some bathing boxes. It was very windy and not very warm.

I walked Pat to her scrapbooking lesson and then went on a walk of my own. I tried to find a path along the Tanti Creek but wasn’t having much luck. A bit further along Tanti Ave I came across a sign that said ‘Strattons Lane’. It was going towards Tanti Creek so I followed it. The path did lead me to the creek but just enough to cross a bridge and up the other side to Herbert St. I followed Herbert St towards the foreshore and came out at Mills Beach Scenic Lookout and a long way from the Mornington Pier. I realised that I only had an hour to get back to the apartment for a shower to meet Pat after her class. It was a very hurried walk back along the foreshore through some scrubby areas of coast banksia and along the beach displaying colourfully decorated bathing boxes. I passed the Tanti Creek outlet to the beach and will explore that at another time. The courthouse we passed earlier in the day on the corner of Main St was open and is an information centre. After gathering some brochures I hurried back for a shower and met Pat at her scrapbooking class. No need to rush she was still finishing off. Pat’s friend, Jacquie, was waiting for us and drove us to lunch at Apple Espresso @ Tullys on the Moorooduc Hwy in Mornington. They make some great salads. I couldn’t decide on one so I combined two! Jacquie drove me back to the accommodation for a rest and took Pat for a walk.


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