4 Apr 2015 Echuca to 5 Mile Reserve and BMX Complex

Lots more people in to breakfast today. After breakfast I took a ride to check out HobbySew near the train station. Plenty of patchwork fabrics and a classroom!

Rode over the bridge to Moama and down Perricoota Rd to the 5 Mile Reserve and BMX Complex. It is not far past Michelle’s place. The bike path jumps from side to side of the road, which is a bit annoying but I made it there okay.

Went past the cemetery, football ground, St Anne’s Perricoota Winery on the Backroads Trail. Nicholas Vineyards had a nice stone wall out the front.

The reserve looks quite new and has tiered seating for viewing the Southern 80 Ski Race, which is on in February, and a massive boat ramp. There are also mountain bike trails at varying levels.

Back into Echuca for lunch with Peter at Office 3564, the former post office. Had a short visit with Tim and Sharon to see their new car and caravan then off for a massage at the Murray College of Health Education in Anstruther St. Peter said his was ‘not bad’, which is high praise. Mine as pretty good too.

Back to the Inn for a short rest before dinner at the Curry Club in High St with Tim and Sharon. Food was good. Rogan josh, beef with spinach, fish tikka were some of the choices. We sat and chatted for a while about the goings on of the family – always plenty to talk about.


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