14 May 2015 Melbourne to Murwillumbah

Peter drove me to the airport this morning so I could catch a plane to the Gold Coast Airport. My cousins Phil and Barbara picked me up and we went to where Phil works at South Tweed Car Electrics with his son.

Barbara and I went off to get something to eat and sat in a park to enjoy the day and our lunches. Barbara dropped me off at EconoLodge in Murwillumbah so I could settle in. My room overlooks Mt Warning, which looks like a man’s face lying down. On the way a bunch of cows got in the way on the road. Never seen that before.

I took a walk around the shops and along the Tweed River. There was some great graffiti of Richie Benaud and Bob Marley along the path at McIlrath Park. The library was open so I popped in there too. Always time to look up quilting books!

Back to my home for 4 nights for a rest. Waiting for Phil to pick me up so we can go to see Olive. Then on for dinner at Phil and Barbara’s place.

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