19 Sep 2015 Melbourne to Geelong

Caught the Vline train to Geelong this afternoon. Made a quick decision to get away this morning. Peter was going to a 50th birthday party and I didn’t really want to join him. Good chance to get my head away from work.

Booked into the Aberdeen Motor Inn after a quick trip in the train. Not far from Geelong station, which is why I picked it. It is very cheap but unfortunately that attracts the wrong crowd. Think I will be woken up late/early tonight when the derros get back.
Did my usual reconnaissance walk to see what is close by. Unfortunately most things, including the foreshore, are about 2kms away. Good that I will get a lot of walking/riding in though. Found the Information Centre on Brougham St just before it was closing. Got a great brochure on walking trails but by the time I got back to the motel it was gone! Oh well the Barwon River trail is not far away. Should be able to find it tomorrow.
Walked down to the Geelong foreshore along from the Western part to Eastern beach. It was a beautiful day and I took many photos. So many colourful bollards of local characters scattered along the trail. Cunningham Pier was where I started. Walked past the Geelong Yacht Club, Fishermen’s Pier, Le Parisien, Eastern Beach promenade with children’s pool. Much the same as when my family went there in school holidays. Spruced up a bit since then though.
Back to the motel for a short rest and a search for somewhere to have dinner. The Elephant and Castle looks not far away and I aim for that. Food is great but it is further than I thought. Beef bourginon and cheese cake were worth going out of my way for. Needed the extra walk to get rid of the dinner.

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