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September 23, 2016

22 Sep cont & 23 September – Penang

21 Sep 2016

Red Garden

Had dinner at Red Garden, which is not far from the E&O. It is a group of eateries undercover with a cheesy singer that starts around 9pm. The music before was more enjoyable even though it was the 1950s and 60s. The entertainer’s music sounded all the same with the same beat. He did sing but it didn’t improve much.

The food was very good though. We both sampled a few dumplings then had chicken biryani. It was cheap. They obviously make their money on the beer which cost more than both meals!

22 Sep 2016

Breakfast outside at Sarkies this morning. I found bircher muesli and tried some of the pastries. Trying to pace myself through all the choices.

The maps for tourists are not very accurate and don’t have all streets marked. Peter mapped a route out for the day. We found the Blue Mansion, which is quite spectacular and not very far from E&O. They have very strict on times so we had to be there before 11am. The guide was very thorough and so enthusiastic about her subject. The original owner, Cheong Fatt Tze, had 7 wives and travelled extensively after coming to Penang as a 16-year-old and building his fortune. The mansion has a unique way to course water from the roof through the house into courtyard pools and out again to keep it cool. There is a sweet spot (chi/feng shui) in the middle of the house, which has special properties. Amazing things happen there apparently. The original blue colour is from indigo. Brochure says the tour lasts 3/4 hour but we were there much longer. Very impressive!

On to the cemeteries but first a stop at Olive for a drink and to cool down. The Protestant cemetery is where English settlers from the 1800s are buried. On the far side of the brick wall is the Roman Catholic cemetery. Many hanging vines and and ferns over gnarled old frangipani trees.

Walked a long way down Northam Road trying to find Fatty Loh’s for lunch. As I said before the maps are not very accurate  and certainly not to scale. We ended up trying Ban Heang on the way back to the hotel. I had laksa, Peter had popcorn chicken!

Caught up on my blogging (see above) and then went for a dip in the waterfront pool, which has just re-opened after some water damage from the sea. Very relaxing! Views out to sea and along the foreshore. Read my book and lazed around the pool for a while before Peter came down to join me.

Off to Sarkies for the buffet dinner. Way too much food but didn’t enjoy it as much as breakfast.