25 Sep 2016 Taxi to . . .

img_0510Hire a taxi for the day to take us to Penang Hill where there is a funicular train. The queue looks daunting but the taxi driver tells us to go through the fast lane. Still a fair queue in front of us but not as bad as we thought. The view from the top is not very clear, which is disappointing, so we came down.

On to Kek Lok Si Temple, which is Chinese and fairly impressive. A 30m bronze Kuan Yin statue that can be seen for miles around. We bought a tile for the roof and had it inscribed with our wedding anniversary date and names so hopefully it will be there for a long time. We also lit a candle.

On to Batu Ferringhi Beach, which is so similar to Surfers Paradise. Very touristy and very hard to get to the actual beach. We passed a few market stalls and got to the sand, saw a couple going up in a parachute then back to the taxi.

Entopia, is a butterfly farm but also for other bugs and their lifecycles. Bigger than the enclosure at Melbourne Zoo. Some of the butterflies are truly beautiful but it is hard to capture them with your camera as they flit around so quickly.

Fatty Loh’s Chicken Rice is on the way back to the hotel so we stop there for lunch. Interesting place with many old wares all over the walls. Finally tasted hainan chicken.

Relax at the pool for a long time. Read my book and update Facebook with photos of our wedding for our 40th anniversary. Hard to believe it has been so long, until I look in the mirror!

Dinner is at the Planters Lounge at E&O. Very quiet, probably because it’s Sunday. We both have the filet mignon, which is very tender. I have a passionfruit meuille feille dessert but it’s not what I expect with pastry.

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