Quelle heure est-il?

Yes, what time is it?! Time for another blog page.

My conversational French lessons are going really well. Just finished my fourth. So far I’ve learnt to  introduce myself, say the alphabet in French (for spelling names/places,email addresses), recognise a phone number (they say them in blocks of 2 numbers instead of individually). Now I know how to ask the time (on a 24-hour clock which always confuses me), enquire about transport timetables, ask people’s addresses and phone numbers.

My high school French is coming back to me. I always liked reading menus that were in French. Food is very important!

Parlez lentement s’il vous plait. Think I’ll get to know this phrase very well! Please speak slowly.

Speaking of food, next week we learn to order our favourite food. Je voudrais un croque-monsieur. Yes, I would like a toasted cheese and ham sandwich.

By the way I’m doing the French classes at CAE, Melbourne. Frederique Robert is my teacher.

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