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April 5, 2015

150405 Banyule Park State Forest

Daylight saving finishing today gave us an extra hour to go for a walk before breakfast. Straight across the road and down to the Aquatic Reserve near the Information Centre is very picturesque, especially in the morning.

Breakfast room was full but we still had fruit, cereal and yoghurt with Peter getting a cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon and tomato. I went off to the Moama Market, which has grown quite a lot since we were last here. Stalls as far as the eye could see.

Tried my luck in the Banyule Park State Forest again. It is a fairly rough track and not suitable for a bike all the way. It weaves its way loosely along the edge of the Murray River on the Echuca side with a few small side trails. It would be easy to get lost but there’s always the river to get your bearings by. You could keep winding your way around but I followed the drain from the west side to Pakenham St and back into the town centre.