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April 14, 2013

130414 Fremantle to Perth to Melbourne

Had breakfast with Tracy. She organised a transfer to Canberra at 9.10am. I tidied up my room and went out for a quick look at the E Shed market. It wasn’t worth the effort. They supposedly opened at 9am but there were barely a third of the stalls open not to mention some of them were empty all together. Very disappointing.
Then walked to Fremantle train station to check my options. Only costs $4 for two zones to get to Perth.
I decided to hike up Market St to the Fremantle Market. They were a better option. Not much different was there than when I went during the conference though. One of the kitchen shops was selling out so I got a salt mill and pepper grinder cheaper. A cute mini set that you can stick on your fridge!
Checked out right on 10am. Not far to Fremantle station and I managed to get a train straight away. Half an hour and fifteen stations later I was in Perth. Followed the crowd out of the station over a bridge and into a shopping centre. All the usual suspects were there. Had coffee at Bocelli’s Cafe overlooking a fountain that kids ran through pop-up sprays of water. It overlooked the post office and Commonwealth building.
Caught a taxi outside the station. Still cost me $30 even though I was more than halfway there from Fremantle!
Checked in with Virgin online with my phone! That is a first.

Flight home was a bit rough and the screen didn’t work for most of the way. Not as good a plane as the one I went to Perth on either. Only took three hours though. I got out of Melbourne airport as Peter was driving up to it. Good timing. Craig and Shaun cooked a barbecue dinner for me and had a few of their friends around to welcome me home!

My head is swimming with knowledge. It will take a while to debrief!