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September 27, 2016

27 September 2016 Back to Clan Jetties

img_0625Caught the shuttle bus to Batu Feringgi where the O&E Hotel, Lone Pine, is to pick up more passengers. The shuttle driver was a maniac. On to Straits Quay, which is a large new shopping complex. Devoid of personality and so humongous we took half an hour to look around and decided to get the next shuttle boat out of there! The shuttle boat ride gave us the opportunity to see Penang from the water. We talked to another passenger who is a resident and she told us that E&O own a heap of real estate and are planning to cover part of the water with a hotel – a la Dubai.

It was a big rough getting in to the dock but we made it.

I took a walk back to the Clan Jetties to pick up a seal I ordered yesterday. They look pretty spectacular. It was worth the weight. They have a horse symbol on the top and our names in Chinese characters in the seal with the date.

CF food court is handy to stop for lunch. I have the duck and rice but it is mostly bone. Find a Magnum ice-cream on the way back and eat that before having a look at an art gallery. No one about so I just wander in.

Met Peter at the pool after I got back. It rained a little bit but not enough to stay indoors. Stayed there for a while reading. It really is a great way to relax.

Peter left then went to Farquhar’s Bar so I met him in there and we had dinner at Olives, which is not far from E&O. Peter chose Irish stew – bad choice! My biriyani was great with a mix of meats. A mojito washed it down. Our last dinner in Penang. Really sad that our holiday is coming to an end. It has been wonderful.

September 24, 2016

24 Sep 2016 Clan Jetties and street art

IMG_0393.JPGPeter makes a route to go to the Clan Jetties and then see the tons of street art nearby.
I spot The Camera Museum on the way. It is worth a look. So many different cameras that I used to have! We get in the back way via Over Exposed cafe and stop for a drink on the way out.
There are so many shops the Heritage area that have not changed in a long time. Hardware stores that Craig would love! Also plenty of temples. I find the artisan batik shop and am tempted to buy more than the one serong. Through Little India drawn by the aromas. Spot an old printers shop with an archaic press. Dimattina Coffee is served at the Black Kettle!
Many sculptures and street art in this area.
The Clan Jetties are still people’s homes for the families that originally owned them. They make the most of the tourists by having street stalls along the piers. Chew Jetty is the largest.
Stop for lunch at Chew Jetty Cafe. Not sure what I ate but it had a massive spoonful of chili in it! The owner gives us a map with the street art so we explore a bit more. Also find an artisan beaded shoemaker. Three months to make one pair!
Get a taxi back to the hotel as we are both exhausted. At the pool now. Great place to relax.