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April 5, 2015

5 Apr 2015 Echuca’s Easter Sunday Cruise & Fireworks Display

Lunch was at a milk bar in town. Salad sandwich and coffee. Came back to the Inn to organise my photos and relax a little before Echuca’s Easter Sunday Cruise & Fireworks Display. Took some great photos of the corellas swooping around gumtrees outside the lounge room of the inn. Went out into the Port to see what was happening around 5.30pm. The place was jumping with people. There was a Koori market and people were queuing to get into the Discovery Centre for the Easter display.

We’ve never been into the Port properly so I bought tickets and had a look around. It is quite large inside with plenty of room for people to watch the display. Peter joined me in time for the fireworks and we got a prime spot in an elevated area. The paddle steamers glided past with flares blazing then the fireworks started with the full moon shining brightly in the background.

After the excitement we had dinner at Antonio’s. The place was packed and we waited a long time for dinner – prawn and chorizo risotto for Peter and stuffed chicken breast for me. Mine was worth the wait. Not sure about Peter’s.

April 5, 2015

150405 Banyule Park State Forest

Daylight saving finishing today gave us an extra hour to go for a walk before breakfast. Straight across the road and down to the Aquatic Reserve near the Information Centre is very picturesque, especially in the morning.

Breakfast room was full but we still had fruit, cereal and yoghurt with Peter getting a cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon and tomato. I went off to the Moama Market, which has grown quite a lot since we were last here. Stalls as far as the eye could see.

Tried my luck in the Banyule Park State Forest again. It is a fairly rough track and not suitable for a bike all the way. It weaves its way loosely along the edge of the Murray River on the Echuca side with a few small side trails. It would be easy to get lost but there’s always the river to get your bearings by. You could keep winding your way around but I followed the drain from the west side to Pakenham St and back into the town centre.

April 2, 2015

150402 Melbourne to Echuca

Had a relaxing day after doing my workout at the gym this morning. Lunch at the ‘Pint of Milk’ after Peter left for Echuca by car.
Said goodbye to Craig who is off to Boogie for Easter. Loaded my panniere onto my bike and rode to Newport station.

So glad I caught the train to Echuca from Southern Cross station. Got a seat no problem and found a space for the bike nearby. By Footscray the train was getting packed and some people didn’t have seats! It took 3 1/2 hours but I was happy to veg out and read for most of the way.

Peter met me at Echuca station then I rode to the Steampacket Inn where we’re staying for the long weekend. It is a cute little place on the end of The Port. If you blink you’d miss it. Great spot, close to everything. I had a look around at dusk. The cockies were going ballistic trying to find a perch for the night. They looked spectacular swooping around the Murray River in waves of white. Quite a sight. Not sure the pictures I took do it justice.

Off to the Star Hotel for dinner. Spag and meatballs for Peter. Chicken penne for me. Just hit the spot.