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August 1, 2012

31 July 2012 Meet-up with the Southgate cousins

Rita and I went to the Hungry Horse again to meet up with some of our many cousins. There was Ivy Craigen, Audrey Carruthers and Tom Wilson (daughters and son of Ivy Southgate), and Ivy’s daughter Lauren; David Southgate and Rita McDonald (son and daughter of Bernett Southgate); Raymond Southgate (son of Raymond Southgate snr) and me (daughter of Ernest Southgate)!
We met about 7.30pm and talked and talked until 11.30pm. Reminiscing was high on the agenda. I wish I’d had a tape recorder. It was a good insight into their childhoods in England.
I did solve a mystery though. I thought dad had a brother called Jack but he was actually a step-brother. His step-mother Margaret Graham was previously married with a son before she married my grandfather (dad’s dad). Totally confusing.
We’re catching up with Tom and Ivy again to fill in some gaps in the family tree so I hope to solve some more mysteries. Stay tuned!

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