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July 25, 2012

24 July 2012 Harry Potter exhibition at Warner Bros Studios

Up at the crack of dawn in order to catch a train around 7am to get to Victoria Bus station and join the Golden Tours Harry Potter bus at 7.45am. The queue was a mile long already when I got there! Lots of foreign tongues and not many English-speaking people which I thought was unusual. Made it onto the first bus that left at 8am. It was a long boring ride out of London which took an hour. Heaven help the traffic when the dedicated lanes go in tomorrow for the Olympics! Arrived at 9.30am for our 10-10.30am tour. Did the usual queuing like cattle and watched the obligatory video with the background information in it. Next room was more interesting. Plenty of sets and costumes and animatronics. It is amazing all the detail that went into that set of films. Everything is original although it may have been moved from somewhere else. The flagstones in the Hogwarts hall are real. Watched myself on the blue screen driving the flying car and playing quidditch. Got photos of both but no videos. Wandered around the souvenir shop at the end. Bought a t-shirt and wax seal. Most of the stuff is made in China etc. Ate my lunch and waited for the bus to appear. It was 27 degrees today!
Marilyn and Mike Whelan met me after I got off the Harry Potter bus at Victoria bus station. We sat and had a drink and talked and talked. I recognised them straight away. Caught the train from Victoria station to High St Kensington and had dinner at Wagamama (Japanese). It was pretty warm in there. So glad to get out into the fresh air which was a bit cooler by then. It was lovely to catch up with Mike and Marilyn and actually see them in person. Thank you both for buying my dinner!