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June 28, 2015

27 June 2015 North and south on the Bendigo Creek Trail

I started today with breakfast at Finders Keepers in Mitchell St. There was a bunch of bike riders there already so I thought the food should be okay. My usual muesli with fruit and yoghurt was good. Off to get the bike and onto the Bendigo Creek Trail starting in Rosalind Park, not far from where I’m staying in View St. The trail passes the Golden Dragon Museum on the far side of the park then comes to Lake Weeroona not far along. White Hills cemetery is worth a look with over 1000 Chinese buried there from Gold Rush times. I crossed over the creek to get to the Bendigo Botanic Gardens, which is small but most plants are labelled and they also have a bird aviary, unfortunately closed on the weekends. I did see there were some multi-coloured birds in there though. The path ends in Epsom where there is a shopping centre but the cafe leaves much to be desired!
After lunch I returned into Bendigo and continued on the trail south. It is not very clear through the middle of the city but I did find the path along Oscars Walk next to the Bendigo Bank. It passes Central Deborah Mine and the Talking Tram Depot. Rotary Gateway Park is picturesque with a lake and plenty of bird life, also a BMX track. It ends at Crusoe Reservoir in Kangaroo Flat and the opportunity to continue around the massive body of water. I had had enough by then and headed back into Bendigo. By the time I got back I’d cycled around 40kms!
Dinner was at the Shamrock Hotel with a delicious piece of swordfish and choc mint ripple cake for dessert. Very indulgent.