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March 30, 2013

Melbourne to Halls Gap 28 Mar 2013

Left Melbourne about midday for our Easter weekend getaway to the Grampians. I have been wanting to go there for years! My mum and dad spent their honeymoon there and their photos have intrigued me since I first saw them.

Made good time and got here about 2.45pm. D’Altons Resort is just a little out of Halls Gap. We have a Studio cabin which is in a circle with about six others for couples only. Kangaroos and wallabies feed on the grass at night and in the morning. They are not quite tame but close enough for good photos. No feeding allowed as it makes them aggressive.

Had dinner in Halls Gap at Livefast Cafe. Food was okay but a bit expensive. Peter had pumpkin soup and we both had fish with a chilli lime dressing on salad. We could have tried the open mike later in the evening but got out before it started!